Could Darius Leonard vs. Triple H happen in an NXT ring?!

The Maniac vs. The Game? Yes, please!

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius Leonard appeared on WWE’s The Bump this morning, and he had some fightin’ words for Triple H. Following in the footsteps of former fellow football star, Pat McAfee, Leonard had this message for the 14-time World Champion, originally posted by WWE’s The Bump’s official Twitter account and shared by his team, the Colts!

The Game was quick to fire back at the two-time Pro Bowler:

But Leonard made sure to get one last shot in, claiming he will bring much more than just his helmet to the encounter:

So, if The Maniac is down, and The Game is down, the only question that remains is … When do Darius Leonard and Triple H lock up in the middle of an NXT ring, and can it be right now?


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