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Speech-to-text apps: what to look for in dictation software

You are a professional. Your job requires you to write copious amounts of text each day. Why strain your wrists typing on your keyboard when you could just as easily dictate your content and have a designated speech-to-text software take the notes for you? Over the years, the market has been saturated with apps and software to help you do just that. 

While each comes with its own set of pros and cons, they are all similar in that they use an algorithm to translate your voice recordings into written text and store it on your hard drive or in the cloud. Some may boast higher speech-to-text accuracy than others, while some may try to stand out with support for additional accents and languages or additional features like cross-platform integration. Here, we will guide you on what to look for when choosing speech-to-text software to suit your needs.

1. Requirements and purpose

Our reviews show that Dragon Professional and Dragon Anywhere have great speech-to-text accuracy out of the box. (Image credit: Nuance)

Before you venture out on this journey, you must first figure out why you need voice dictation software. Are you just looking for something that lets you take notes quickly and easily? Do you need speech-to-text software that doubles as a virtual assistant? How much do you need written on any given day, week, or month? Depending on how you answer these questions, your choice may vary significantly. Other things worth considering include your accent and dialect and whether you will be using complex terminology in your text.

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