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Microsoft is planning to kill off Windows 10 in 2025 – does this confirm Windows 11?

Rumors are swirling that Microsoft will announce a new version of Windows, potentially called Windows 11, imminently, and its plans to stop supporting Windows 10 by October 14, 2025 appear to confirm this.

On Microsoft’s Windows 10 Home and Pro Lifecycle Policy page, the company states that it will “continue to support at least one Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channel until October 14, 2025.” Underneath, it then lists the retirement date of “Windows 10 Home and Pro” as “10/14/2025”.

That looks like pretty clear evidence that Microsoft will kill off Windows 10 in 2025. If the company no longer updates an operating system, it usually means that the operating system is essentially dead, and users will be encouraged to move to a successor.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Does this mean Windows 11 is real?

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