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10 essential SEO tips and tricks for business websites (and how they benefit you)

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is crucial to any business that wants to reach people online. However, the amount of advice out there can make it seem like an incredibly complex field, filled with different strategies and recommendations.

To make things simpler, we’ve provided you with the 10 most essential SEO tips and tricks for business websites. Properly utilized, this list can help boost your search ranking and the amount of traffic heading to your site.

1. Pick longer keywords

Longer keywords can help you attract the right audience (Image credit: Google)

It might be tempting when deciding on keywords to pick short, catch-all terms to reach the largest possible audience. However, you’ve got to consider user intent. Someone who types “cars” into Google, for example, might be looking for the kids’ movie, images of cars, a comparison website, or something else—it’s hard to tell. But by choosing “red Subaru cars” as your keyword, you know that whoever is searching for that specific product will almost certainly be interested in your site. 

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