Millionairess, 71, accused of terrorising celebrity dermatologist after eyebrow treatment

Patricia Bailey, 71, allegedly harassed cosmetic expert Dr Phillippe Hamada-Pisal

A millionairess accused of terrorising the celebrity dermatologist who treated her eyebrows with a campaign of harassment allegedly asked him: ‘Did you sleep well without me?’.

Property developer Patricia Bailey, 71, allegedly harassed cosmetic expert Dr Phillippe Hamada-Pisal between October 2019 and February last year. 

Dr Hamada-Pisal today claimed Bailey followed him home and turned up at his Harley Street clinic unannounced following her CryoLED therapy. 

The doctor, who founded PHP Aesthetics, told Westminster Magistrates’ Court he met Bailey after she got in touch to request more information about the treatment in 2019. 

He said: ‘She wanted to have more information about this treatment. When Ms Bailey calls you it’s a monologue.

‘The treatment was an eye cream penetrating the skin to reduce the eyebrows. It is a beauty treatment, not a medical treatment.’

Dr Hamada-Pisal said Bailey insisted the treatment, which ‘could have been done by a beautician’, was carried out by himself, and the appointment was booked for August. 

He told the court the initial consultation ‘went great’, and she agreed to book three sessions of the treatment at three or four-week intervals at his advice.

‘The first treatment in early August went really well. She was really pleased and she saw results straight away and booked a second treatment for the end of August,’ Dr Hamada-Pisal said.

‘The second treatment went really well, she was happy.’  

However, her third treatment was later postponed on the day because Dr Hamada-Pisel was running late and Bailey needed to catch a train to Liverpool, the court heard. 

In the following days, Bailey complained of discomfort to her eyes and a ‘drooping lower face,’ and wanted to find out if it was a result of the two previous treatments. 

Dr Hamada-Pisal (pictured), a French skincare guru, founded PHP Aesthetics where stars have been treated

Dr Hamada-Pisal (pictured), a French skincare guru, founded PHP Aesthetics where stars have been treated

Pictured: Dr Phillippe Hamada-Pisal

Pictured: Bailey

Dr Hamada-Pisal today told Westminster Magistrates’ Court Bailey had followed him home and turned up at his Harley Street clinic unannounced following her CryoLED therapy

Dr Hamada-Pisal told her this was unlikely, but cancelled the third appointment.  

He then offered her a free alternative on the basis that she modelled for students who had travelled from Jordan to watch him work.     

‘She had no finance to pay for it so I mentioned to her if she wanted to be part of the model scheme,’ he said.

‘On Tuesday, October 15 she had free treatment worth £800. She was very happy and gave me a flyer about the mystic things that she’s doing.’ 

Dr Hamada-Pisal said in the following days he received several messages from Bailey.   

‘She said that she was over the moon, that she never met someone like me, that I was great, ‘ he said.  

‘Then on November 3 she sent me a message saying: “Did you sleep well without me?”‘ Bailey denied sending this text.  

Another message sent on the same day allegedly read: ‘Darling Philippe I don’t remember anyone being as kind of me, you are so special and unique.’ 

Dr Hamada-Pisal said: ‘I thought now that was too much and I had to put my foot down and say this situation is going too far and I think she’s got the wrong understanding.

‘It was a flirt, she was flirting and she definitely thought I could have an affair.

‘I responded that due to the nature of the messages I will not be able to see her as a patient anymore, then it turned 360 degrees following my response.

‘She suddenly had a lot of issues about the treatment.’ 

Bailey sent several voice messages between November 4 and 9 after the doctor explained he could no longer treat her, the court heard. 

The doctor, who founded PHP Aesthetics, told the court he met Bailey following a phone call in 2019 when she got in touch to request more information about the treatment

The doctor, who founded PHP Aesthetics, told the court he met Bailey following a phone call in 2019 when she got in touch to request more information about the treatment 

‘She said I destroyed her face, I destroyed her life, she can’t see herself in the mirror, that I am responsible and she wants me to sort out this error,’ Dr Hamada-Pisal said.   

‘Following this long message I responded saying if she had any issue she was welcome to send me pictures so I could assess it.

‘This wasn’t acknowledged and she never responded to this request. She carried on with her monologue insulting me verbally saying I destroyed her face.

‘She never responded to my request to book another appointment. She sent a lot of voice messages mocking my French accent.

‘I said if she’s concerned please book an appointment with a colleague of mine because I don’t want to see her on my own.’ 

On November 25, Bailey allegedly turned up outside the clinic without an appointment while the doctor was in Paris.  

The court heard she then went to his apartment on February 5 last year. 

Dr Hamada-Pisal said: ‘I felt very uncomfortable, it was very frightening because for me as a medic there is something wrong with this behaviour. 

‘Someone following you home is not right.’

Giving evidence today, Bailey claimed she left the messages for Dr Hamada-Pisal because his Harley Street receptionist warned her the treatment could make her go blind.

She said: ‘On 17 October, two days after the surgery, he called me. He didn’t say “Hello how are you,” he said “Patricia I expect your face is so badly bruised.”

‘I said Philippe, I’m so glad you called because my face is so blown up so raw and lopsided.

‘It was horrific everyone that knew me in Liverpool couldn’t believe how horrific the effects of his treatment which were supposed to be safe.’

Bailey said she asked for an appointment that day, but he suggested the following week instead. 

Then, on October 22, Bailey said she called ‘in pieces’.

She told the court: ‘He cried, I cried and I’m not a crier, we cried together. He said can I call you this evening, I said please yes let’s discuss this.

‘He never called. I’m beside myself. What’s was this man playing at?’ 

Later, following several calls and text messages, Bailey claims she attended the clinic on November 1 at around 5pm to find ‘the clinic closed’. 

She then spoke to a receptionist who allegedly told her ‘someone else who had the same treatment almost went blind and had to have emergency surgery on their eyes.’

‘After that shattering horrific news I couldn’t take it on board, I couldn’t cope,’ Bailey said. 

Bailey said before she learned of the alleged flaw in the treatment, she and the doctor had got on well.

‘I thought I had the perfect connection with this gentlemen who was all enthralled by what I was saying,’ she said. 

‘He said he was a French catholic and very pro-women at the first appointment, and that’s what I told my priest.’

Bailey’s defence lawyer Daniel Cavaglieri said today: ‘I invite you to draw a distinction between before and after the 3 November. That was the only time that he told Ms Bailey he was unhappy about any of her behaviour or contact.

‘He accepts he is flirting with her. Flirting and the comments he made are not within the boundaries of a doctor patient relationship.

‘Prior to the 3 November it went both ways. Her comments, calling him darling all the rest of it have to be viewed in the way he was behaving towards her. It wasn’t strictly professional.

‘Afterwards she doesn’t refer to him as darling. That stops. The rest of the messages are about complaints. None of it was inappropriate. They are all legal complaints.’ 

Bailey, from Liverpool, denies harassement. 

The trial continues. 

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