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We Talked to Your Fave ’90s Heartthrob Devon Sawa About All of His Iconic Roles and He Did Not Disappoint – E! Online

“Devon: Determined, Devilish & Delightful.”

While we would love to claim that dazzling bit of alliteration, we have to give credit where credit’s due: An issue of Tiger Beat from the ’90s (it also offered readers the shirt off of its cover star’s back). Still, after a recent Zoom interview with the former teen idol, we can confirm all of those attributes are true about Devon Sawa, the actor who launched a thousand crushes after his trifecta of movies—Casper, Now & Then and Little Giants.

Listen, not all of us would be thrilled to relive our early teen years. But Sawa, 43, was more than game to take a walk down memory lane in an interview with E! News, happy to oblige a millennial woman who’s still not over Casper whispering “Can I keep you?” and whose confidence was partially built on cute quarterback Junior Floyd picking the tomboy athlete over the head cheerleader in Little Giants. Not that Sawa doesn’t have a sense of awareness about being forever tied to the friendly ghost, et al.

“It’s funny because I will be like to my manager, ‘I don’t want to talk about Casper,'” Sawa detailed, “and then ten minutes later I’ll tweet something like, ‘Oh, Casper…’ I will go completely against what I just said.”

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