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How This Is Us Ended After Six Seasons – E! Online

“That’s what we’re doing, collecting these little moments,” Jack said. “We don’t recognize them when we’re in them because we’re too busy looking forward. Then we spend the rest of our lives looking back trying to remember them, trying to be back inside them.”

Back at his mother’s funeral, Randall struggled to remember the wise words of his father.

“It all just feels so pointless,” he told his own daughters. “I spent my entire childhood worried about losing her. Spent the last decade abjectly terrified of it. Now she’s gone, and yet the birds chirp on. I notice that I’m hungry. Five minutes ago, I thought about work. Tomorrow I’ll shower. It just all feels so pointless.”

In Randall’s despair, however, came a rebirth. His daughter Deja (La Trice Harper) told her father that she was having a boy, and that she’d be naming him William, after Randall’s biological father.

After the memorial service, the Big 3 sat down together one last time and plotted out their futures: Kate wanted to commit herself to creating music schools for the visually-impaired, Kevin wanted to focus on his non-profit and, with his mother’s legacy in mind, Randall vowed to jump head first into his Presidential campaign.

Fried Oreos or bust.

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