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Bridgerton Author Julia Quinn Is Just Having the Best Time – E! Online

Julia Quinn has been living the dream for a while now, but the past month has been a whole other story.

Quinn is the author behind the Bridgerton series, which has now been turned into a hit Netflix TV show produced by Shonda Rhimes 20 years after the first book (The Duke and I) was first published. In fact, Netflix just called the show its “biggest series ever” and said that 82 million households have clicked play. The stars gained millions followers overnight and TikTok has blown up with Bridgerton trends, including a whole musical.

The whole world is obsessed, and Quinn is basking in the joy of it all. 

“It’s kind of funny,” she tells E! News. “People saying, ‘How are you feeling?’ and I’m just like…every day something new and amazing happens and I just am smiling so hard that I just break out into spontaneous laughter. It’s insane and wonderful.” 

For Quinn and for new Bridgerton fans everywhere, the show and the revived interest in the books (which are sold out all over the place) have been such a bright, pandemic-free spot in a year filled with hardship and sadness. Quinn says that’s sort of the point of a romance novel, and she’s thrilled with how many people are discovering that fact.

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