Keyword Rank Checker: why and how to Check Google Rankings for a Website?

What is a keyword rank checker tool? It is a program where you type in a certain keyword, and the software’s bot scrapes data from Google, spitting out a number that shows where the keyword ranks in search results of Google.

 Why Check Keyword Ranking?

A keyword’s ranking can have a huge impact on your website’s traffic, lead generation, and conversions. According to research, more than half of all search engines use keywords to search for their desired products or services. Users then tend to click on the results that appear on the first page. So, the higher you rank on search results against that keyword, the better off you are.

It is absolutely essential for any online business, blogger, or SEO professional to check search engine ranking for their targeted keywords. It is a mistake most writers, bloggers, and website administrators make. They write and publish articles without targeting keywords at all.

Most site owners are unaware of how they can improve their keyword ranking. They have questions such as ‘How does my site perform against the keywords I am targeting?’ or ‘What keywords should I use that can help my site to rank better?’ You don’t need to worry, as we will cover the answers to these questions in this article.

How Does a Keyword Rank Checker Help an Online Business?

The answer to all these questions is simple – a keyword rank checker. This tool extracts data that helps to strategize your content, eventually leading to higher ranking and more traffic. A higher keyword rank can be achieved when you have a clear understanding of what the target audience is searching for. It is because the tool provides you an insight into customer preferences, giving you more power over the keyword and what you can do with them.

It only takes around 10 to 15 minutes to use keyword rank checker tools to find which is an appropriate keyword relating to your niche. Make sure you take full advantage of these incredible tools to accomplish this essential step. Once you have the right keywords with you, you can create SEO-optimized posts and content on your websites using the target keywords. Again, I would emphasize how important it is to select proper keywords as this is the driver of search engine results.

If you succeed in accomplishing proper on-page SEO, there are high chances to make it to the first 50 search results. It is crucial to managing keywords properly for improving your website’s SEO. Picking up the right keyword using a keyword rank checker tool is not a one-time thing. You need to stay updated with trending keywords and check and track keyword rankings regularly using the tool.

Check Target Keyword On Search Engines with Online Tools

Keyword checker tools are abundantly found on the web, with each promising to deliver your desired results. If you choose the right tool, your site can surely rank higher on Google against your chosen keywords. So, here are some tools that we find worth using.

  1.   SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is the top-rated keywords position checker tool in this list as it offers a complete solution for keyword checking. This advanced keywords tracking tool is easy to use, and most importantly, it is free! With this tool, you can check & track keyword rankings of your website according to different regions against certain keywords. Also, you can get keyword insights of up to 10 keywords at a time.

  1.   AccuRanker

If you ever wonder, ’Which keywords should my website rank for?’, don’t worry, as AccuRanker has got you covered. Although it is a paid tool, its dedicated services and accuracy are the perfect choice for you. It has an attractive and easy-to-use interface that easily gets you started. You have the option to track keyword ranking not only on Google but also through Yandex and Bing search.

  1.   SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher offers a paid plan with reasonable pricing that will fit your pocket perfectly. You can track keyword position for any domain using this online tool website. This is a fast tool that produces results almost instantly with in-depth insight into which keywords are more in demand.

Parting Words

Undoubtedly keyword rank checkers can play a massive role in how your website is ranked on search engines. However, there are various other strategies and SEO tactics that need to be put in place to help your website accomplish higher Google rankings. All these go hand in hand, and one should take into account all SEO factors when planning their strategies.

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