Weather Apps To Help You Keep The Gloom Away

A dark sky can help you know that it is going to rain. But ever wondered how you can track cyclones well ahead of time? Other than relying on the weather news, there are more reliable ways to know when a storm or hurricane is going to hit your location.

Luckily with the advancement of technology, we have great weather apps (available both on the Play Store and well as the App Store) to help you track the havoc well ahead of time. Not only can you understand the time, date, and location of the cyclone but even understand how to plan your day and if or not it’s best for you to stay indoors.

While there are several great whether apps that can help you do the job, here’s our pick of the best ones:

  • Weather by Tomorrow

The app works with a focus on helping users plan their lives instead of wasting time while waiting for an accurate forecast. It helps users track relevant weather parameters on a global and local level based on air quality, visibility, humidity, temperature, and more. The app also has a dedicated calendar feature that tells users whether it is safe to venture out or remain indoors. It also has several articles listed on weather news and is a great way to track cyclones ahead of time.

  • Storm Radar

Presented by The Weather Channel, Storm Radar, as the name suggests, gives accurate and timely information on all things hurricane. It offers information for cyclones, temperature, cloud cover, humidity, lightning, and more and throws local alerts as and when necessary. Users can see where the hurricane has hit and which direction it seems to be heading into by merely zooming in on the map. Storm Radar operates rather well as far as the interface and usability are concerned. It is free for iPhone, iPad, and Android but comes with ads.

  • NOAA Weather Radar

With the NOAA Weather Radar, one can track hurricanes offline with the help of detailed maps. The feature works to one’s advantage in case of power cuts or connectivity issues. The app animates the progression of a storm well ahead of time and helps users get a real-time view of the situation. It includes a lightning tracker as well as alert options in case of flooding and tornadoes. The catch, though – hurricane tracking on the app is free for the first seven days, after which you can avail the service at a cost.

  • Ventusky

Unlike regular weather apps, Ventusky’s key highlight is its super-detailed wind patterns. It features an option to zoom in and out of the map, with great animation for tracking cyclones. The app lets users identify where the wind is coming from and the direction in which it is heading during a hurricane. It also presents information based on parameters such as wind speed, thunderstorms, temperature, air pressure, waves, cloud cover, and precipitation. Ventusky is free for android devices; however, iPhone users need to pay nominal charges to access it.

  • Hurricane by American Red Cross

Available on Android as well as iOS devices, the app lets one track the location of their loved ones in case of a cyclone. It is comparatively new but is already making headlines for its extraordinary features. Although light on meteorological data, it allows users to be prepared during and after a hurricane hits their location. It projects rather where the storm is heading and also includes a built-in flashlight, strobe light, and alarm siren. The app further displays every Red Cross shelter within the hurricane-impacted areas and comes with an ‘I am safe’ feature to help users notify others about their whereabouts.

  • Hurricane

Offering a repository of global meteorological information, the iOS app lets users track cyclones in every part of the world and access tracking maps, detailed forecasts, satellite views, and bulletins straight from the National Hurricane Center. Its ‘Hurricane Issac’ presents data based on wind speed, storm speed, and direction. The app uses iOS’s location services to help you determine how far you are from the cyclone and thereby stay safe.

What’s Your Pick?

In addition to the above, there are several other android as well as iOS apps that are immensely reliable and helpful in tracking hurricanes. These include FEMA, Windy, and Hurricane Pro. 

Forecast cyclones and secure yourself and your loved ones well in time with the help of these weather apps. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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