How technology has evolved a game of Roulette

Roulette is a highly popular game that has been around for centuries. Whether you enjoy this game in a bricks and mortar casino or prefer to play it on the best online roulette sites, you will be interested to know how the game has evolved and how it is still changing as the technology continues to develop.

Let us take a journey through past versions of the game and consider the future opportunities that technology will bring for the game roulette:

The history and evolution of the casino game roulette

Roulette was never purposely invented to be a casino game. In 1665, the French physicist and inventor Blaise Pascal set about trying to create a perpetual motion machine, an object that could operate without drawing energy from an external source.

While Pascal’s experiments did not succeed, he did create a circular spinning wheel that would later become the roulette wheel. This gaming wheel design was next spotted in Paris around 100 years later as a part of a hybrid version of the Italian game Biribi.

Further changes were then made to the wheel, including the addition of the zero, which gives the house a bigger edge. When the game reached the shores of America, a double zero was added, giving this variant 38 rather than 37 numbers.

Over the last couple of centuries, the game has made its way across Europe and around the rest of the world, becoming a staple feature in almost all casinos. The first casino to host the game was in Monte Carlo. 

The transition online

These days, the game roulette can now easily be played online. The first online roulette wheel made its way onto the internet in the mid-nineties following the development of the World Wide Web and since then many hundreds of casino sites with the game have become accessible to online players.

Online players do not only play roulette from their computers at home. Thanks to the development of apps and websites that are optimised for smaller devices, many people now enjoy playing from their smartphone or tablet at a time and location that suits them. 

The game is often played on smartphones as this is convenient for players who want to have a game while out in the daytime. While casino games like roulette were once considered to be aimed at only a male market, in actual fact the game is very popular with women too.

How technology has evolved a game of Roulette

By transitioning online, many people can now access and play a game of roulette, including on their smartphones.

Recent technological advancements impacting the game

Here is how recent technical advancements have helped to improve the game and provide new experiences for players:

Since roulette first popped up on the internet at the turn of the current century, one of the most noticeable developments has been the improvement of game graphics. While still functional, the game’s graphics were very basic at first. 

However, better technology such as high-powered smartphones is now easily accessible and these machines are able to run high definition games with fun and captivating imagery and animations.

Another way in which technology has benefited the game is by increasing fairness and providing players with more opportunity to beat the house edge. On the internet, you can often find versions of the game that do not have a zero, as was seen in historical versions of the wheel’s design.

Technology has also given players much more choice in how they pay when making a bet in the game. Payment options that are available online now include everything from bank transfers and phone payments to third-party services like PayPal and Skrill or pre-payment cards.

A growing number of sites are offering cryptocurrency as an option for payment in casino roulette games. Cryptocurrency allows for anonymous payment but is considered to be very safe due to how the technology works.

It is powered by a blockchain network that individually verifies each transaction and records it on a public ledger, which allows anyone to carry out checks for security purposes. 

On the topic of security, online casino sites that host roulette games have become driven to provide users with safe and secure experiences in recent years. Using new technological developments, they are usually highly successful in preventing financial crime such as fraud or the theft of personal data.

How technology has evolved a game of Roulette

Trusted casino providers aim to protect their customers by having many security features in place.

All reliable internet casino sites will have an SSL certificate, which can usually be seen by hovering over the security icon (a padlock) in the search bar of your device’s website browser.

These are just some of the keyways that technology has improved the experiences that players have when playing roulette so far. There are many exciting developments in store in the near future, including the roll out of more online casinos with virtual reality (VR) capabilities. 

Virtual reality roulette games will allow players to immerse themselves in the game as if they were playing in a real-life casino. The player will experience this by wearing a VR headset and will be able to look or walk around a virtual casino and interact with other players from the comfort of their own home.

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