Customize Your Call Screen (with literally any video)

Aren’t you tired of your ringtone? Even after setting it to your favorite tune – it’s likely no longer as cute and catchy as it once was.  Your friends and family surely agree too. The time has come to take your ringtone to the next level – not only bringing it back to life (in more ways than one), but also making it your very own.   This can all be done in just a few simple clicks thanks to CallApp.

CallApp, a free Android app best known for it’s Caller ID, Scam Blocker and Call Recorder also offers the ability to customize your call screen. What does this mean exactly? Good question.  It means that you can upload literally any video of your choice to set as your ringtone.  You can also even set a different video to each contact, without any limits, making for a unique way to identify each caller.  This also ensures that you’ll never get bored of your ringtone again, and will always look forward to your phone ringing.

These personalized video ringtones are the ultimate way to relieve your favorite moments no matter where you are and what you’re doing.   Don’t you want to enjoy those beautiful memories even while at the office? To be on holiday with your kids even during the cold winter months? Don’t you want to turn your phone into something that excites you once and for all? Into something that’s really your own?

CallApp also offers a wide variety of pre-made video ringtones for those looking for a little pick-me-up throughout the day. From adorable puppies, to the ocean waves and nature’s landscapes, there’s something for just about everyone.Customize Your Call Screen (with literally any video)Customize Your Call Screen (with literally any video)

Customize your call screens now with CallApp! Downloading the app itself is completely free and offers everything you could ever need when it comes to communication. The video ringtones cost about $1 for unlimited usage, depending on which package you choose, but either way – we couldn’t possibly think of a better use of a dollar.

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