Cryptocurrency As digital Marketing: Relation with Social Media

Now that we know the actual meaning of bitcoin and its uses as well. So as far as this is concerned we are moving towards the relationship between the cryptocurrency of bitcoin and social media.

Currently, many of us and many others in the United States and many other countries used to get news from social media and many other platforms like this.

Social media is the basic stem nowadays for the popularity and advertisement growth of digital marketing. With the growth in the popularity of cryptosystem, bitcoin has become the most highlighted topic among all the platforms of digital marketing.

And mainly the Facebook platform is taking the cryptosystem as a great benefit for its growth and popularity. On that note, social media has proved to be a great hope for the digital marketing of cryptocurrency around the world.

In recent years, hackers got successful by hacking a website named Bitfinex and after that bitcoin rate decreased near to twenty percent.

Once News spread on the social media apps, there was a fine decrease in the credibility of the bitcoin exchange.

As we have discussed, social media has given a hipe to cryptocurrency, besides this, it has also given an inverse effect on that.

This is due to the hope that once created by the social media for bitcoin made people and many businessmen interested in it and they invested more and more in it.

There is a difference between the stock market and bitcoin as it doesn’t work as a stock market, it has different ways and perceptions for that.

This directly means that bitcoin is not going to be affected by government influences.To learn more about cryptocurrency you can consult with the yuan pay group.

Blockchain Technology as a Marketing platform

By all this, we know how social media used to affect the market value and many things of cryptocurrency but we don’t know how cryptocurrency affects social media things.

For the knowledge of that, we should first know how things are currently standing.

First of all, we would take the example of Youtube,

If you get to watch some videos on youtube, you may encounter some ads during those videos.

There are four things in this whole process

  1. User
  2. Publisher
  3. Advertiser
  4. And last is the Youtube which is the main Platform

In this whole process, the advertiser is giving the commission to the publisher for the leverage of the publisher’s video. Wherever the publisher is not supposed to the only one who will get paid for it. The advertiser will have to pay for their ads to work on those videos, by this, we can analyze that Youtube is getting mostly much money from every stuff as compared to the other platforms.

If we connect blockchain technology to social media, the world would look so different after that.

Blockchain Through Marketers

The change that was biggest due to this was applying blockchain technology to access users’ privacy policies.

If you are a great marketer you will have to collect all the data from all perspectives to make a proper campaign.

You will also need to customize your user experience so that all the specific things that a user needs are collected and assembled in one place.

Where this blockchain technology gets things to shake well because by this it could be a reason to allow users to freely decide the type of ads they want to see in the future.

After all, let’s take a short look at if we introduce blockchain technology to social media what would be its consequences after that.

  1. For the sake of users, it would be very annoying for them by seeing these ads. It would be very consuming for their mobile battery as well.
  2. Advertisers will be in benefit by being able to buy ads through BAT. There can be multiple ads ranging from landing pages to notifications and many more.

The publisher will face the real thing because that publisher will be compensated by both advertiser and the user. And by this system publishers are going to spend a larger portion on ads than on a consumer. Indirectly everybody on this is going to have a big change because of this.

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