Combine PDFs Like a Pro

Joining several PDFs is a simple task. It becomes a challenge when you need to keep the original bookmarks, add a cover page, or make other changes. Merge files like experts do using our guide!

You will be amazed by the sheer range of documents one can make. PDF merger is suitable for reports, e-books, invoices, banking documents, and more. Knowing how to combine PDF files with bookmarks, you can preserve their original structure and make navigation simple — even if there are hundreds of pages inside. Here are a few impressive things the format allows. 

  • Not Only PDF

Professional utilities for PDF merger allow you to use other formats, too. You can easily turn a selection of PDF, Word, XLS, TIFF, and JPEG files into a single PDF. With advanced converters, you can customize the output in a variety of ways, ensuring high quality and speed. 

  • Unlimited Volume

Joining two files together is a piece of cake, but what if you need to do the same with hundreds or thousands of them? This is feasible and still quick if you arm yourself with the right tool, such as PDF Combine. 

  • Adding a Table of Contents

Not only will the system generate the table. It will also make it clickable. It does not matter how many pages are in the file — navigation is a breeze. This makes work so much easier! 

  • Adding a Cover Page

There is no need to create a cover page in the first PDF.  The combiner will also do it for you. Just set your preferences!

  • Bookmarks Management

Keeping the original markings is only one of the options. You can also add them from a separate TXT file or bookmark the titles. Merge individual files or the contents of an entire folder. The system can even find and combine documents with similar file names. 

  • Page Management

Add or delete blank pages as you like. If you use double-side printing, inserting blanks is a great trick. On the other hand, you may want to remove unnecessary pages from scanned files. All of this is possible in just a few clicks. 

Other Output Settings

Did you know you can include mp3 files in your documents? PDF merger will also allow you to change or add headers and footers. Select where you want to save the file. Insert dates, page counters, a corporate name, and more!

Combine PDFs Like a Pro

An All-in-One Solution

Professional combiner tools will join your documents together swiftly. They offer an array of highly customizable options. Add Word files, spreadsheets, or images. Adjust their headers and footers, add a cover page and dates, keep the bookmarks, insert audio files, and more! One tool is all you need for any imaginable tasks involving PDF files.

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