Best Online Shopping Tips for Safety and Cost-Cutting

Propelled by the Covid-19 pandemic, online shopping is on the rise globally. In 2020, there were 256 million online shoppers in the United States alone. That figure is projected to increase to nearly 300 million by 2023. Online shopping is cheaper and more convenient compared to brick-and-mortar.

Keep in mind a good deal isn’t always guaranteed, plus there are online threats to worry about. Here is how you can save some coins and stay safe when shopping online.

Cut Down on Shipping Fees

Shipping costs can inflate your prices. Order many items at the same time from a single retailer to cut down on shipping fees. The retailer will lump your purchases together into a single package with one shipping fee.

Compare Prices

Shopping via the internet makes bargain hunting a breeze. And, comparison shopping is the way to go if you want to score great deals. Use comparison tools such as Shopzilla,, PriceGrabber, and Google Shopping to compare prices.

Choose Trusted Websites

Be picky with online vendors to protect personal information. When you purchase online, you share sensitive data. Only shop from trusted vendors to protect your address and credit card number.

Use an Encrypted Network

There’s a wide range of threats on the internet. You should only use encrypted networks to shop online and keep cybercriminals at bay. Consider using a VPN to encrypt your network, especially when shopping on public Wi-Fi.

Shopping via the internet can help you save money on your purchases. However, it also puts sensitive data at risk. Use these tips to make sure that you’re getting the best prices and protect personal data at the same time.

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