What is this new college football alliance? Plus, the latest on the Kylian Mbappe-Real Madrid rumors

Howdy sports fans. Shanna McCarriston here, thrilled to be delivering you all the important sports news. 

Today we have some enormous topics to go over, such as this new college football alliance. We’ll continue the college football theme with Big Ten picks by our very own CFB experts.

I won’t just talk about college football though, as we like to offer variety here in the newsletter. We will also discuss a story close to my heart, one about Super Bowl LI. I’ve been lucky to go to two Super Bowls (the Patriots won both 😁), but SBLI was the first and the best one I’ve ever seen live. Let me know on Twitter what the best game you saw in person was — bonus points if you post a photo. Let’s reminisce on our favorite live evens.

But before that, let’s get to the news of the day — the first of which is breaking from the world of tennis: Serena Williams will not participate in the upcoming US Open due to a hamstring injury.

Now, on to the rest of the regularly scheduled programming.

📰 What you need to know

1. Explaining what the Big Ten, ACC, Pac-12 alliance is 🏈

The Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12 formally announced the much discussed alliance on Tuesday. The three league commissioners said there is no signed documents yet and they are working off a handshake agreement of collaboration. An agreement, that is, for a “collaborative approach surrounding the future evolution of college athletics and scheduling.”

The purpose is stated as focusing on NCAA governance, student-athlete welfare and ensuring the collegiate model continues

Yeah, there is a lot going on with this change, so let’s break it down.

  • What will the scheduling component look like?: The three leagues will likely play scheduled nonconference games against one another, though this will not happen immediately. This is to enhance certain teams’ schedule strengths and create intriguing matchups
  • Why is the alliance necessary?: After Texas and Oklahoma moved to the SEC from the Big 12 this alliance became a priority due to concerns over competition and revenue
  • Will the alliance affect playoff expansion?: The structure of the expanded playoff hasn’t been determined and there has been pushback about slowing the timeline of increasing the field size with the moves of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC
  • Will the alliance have far-reaching influence?: They want to have more control over legislation and together they could have more influence. The three together want to be seen as an entity with similar views

For more on the alliance from our college football mastermind Dennis Dodd, click here.

2. Big Ten picks and predictions 🏈

Graphic by Mike Meredith

Last season, the Big Ten had a delayed start due to COVID-19. This year they are back on track. There are a lot of storylines to keep an eye on this season. Ohio State is expected to dominate once again. Penn State is looking to bounce back. All eyes are on Michigan to live up to expectations. The list goes on.

But not all teams will live up to their hype, while other teams will prove they are a lot better than once thought. As such, our CBS Sports college football experts gave their picks and predictions for the Big Ten heading into this season, going through everything from bold predictions to predicted order of finish.

Here’s a look at what teams they think are overrated and underrated:

Overrated teams

  • Michigan
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Northwestern
  • Wisconsin

Underrated teams

  • Minnesota
  • Illinois
  • Penn State
  • Michigan State
  • Northwestern

As you can see, our experts don’t always agree, but that adds to the fun! For full commentary from each of our experts on why they feel the teams are overrated or underrated, click here.

According to Caesars Sportsbook, the Buckeyes enter the season as -220 favorites to win the Big Ten, with no close second in sight. Coming in tied at second are the Nittany Lions and Badgers at +900. Illinois, on the other end, is expected to finish last in the league.

3. The latest on the Kylian Mbappe-Real Madrid rumors ⚽

Getty Images

Real Madrid wants Kylian Mbappe. They want him so badly that they made a €160 million ($188 million) opening bid for the Paris Saint-Germain striker, CBS Sports soccer insider Fabrizio Romano reported yesterday.

However, PSG declined that bid. PSG is likely wanting to break the record transfer of €222 million that they paid in 2017 for Neymar from Barcelona.

Here is what we know about the situation right now:

  • Mbappe’s contract is set to expire next summer
  • He has failed to make an agreement with PSG on a new deal
  • Paris Saint-Germain sporting director Leonardo: “We have no plans to talk to Real again for Mbappé. The deadline is August 31 at midnight. This is how the transfer window is: we keep him and we extend. But we’re not going to let him go for less than what we paid when we still owe Monaco money.”

PSG recently signed a guy named Lionel Messi. Losing Mbappe could be a major setback to the team, who are the favorites to win the Champions League. The combination of Messi, Mbappe and Neymar will be nearly impossible to stop. Why would they break that up?

For Real Madrid, they have to determine whether this all would work when it comes to La Liga’s restrictions on salary cap. The restrictions were put in place ahead of the season and were the reason Barcelona was unable to bring Messi back. Real Madrid doesn’t have as many financial issues as Barcelona, but that doesn’t mean a deal would be easy to work out. 

4. The Falcons started celebrating during halftime of Super Bowl LI 🏈


Let me take you back to a beautiful Sunday in Houston in 2017. The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons were battling for the Lombardi Trophy. I was in the stands, a Bostonian confident in Tom Brady.

One half of football passed and while I was still confident, because Brady is Brady, the feeling from Patriots fans in the stadium was a lot different, with the Pats down 21-3. But football games are 60 minutes, sometimes more, and the Falcons forgot that little detail. We all know how the movie ended. Bill Belichick helped coach his team to the largest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Malcolm Butler, the hero of a different Super Bowl but a member of that Pats team, got some insight on what the Falcons locker room was like during SBLI halftime from current teammate Robert Alford, who was playing for the Falcons back then. So what was that Atlanta locker room like when they were up 21-3?

  • Butler: “I talked to him about it, I asked him if he wanted his ring back. He told me a story, he said he was in the locker room at halftime, he told me he was about to pop a bottle and things like that, it was so funny. And then we came back and beat them… I’m just imagining him at halftime. Robert, he’s a funny guy, got a lot of energy, tells a lot of jokes, and he told me at halftime they were in there dancing and hooraying and then we came back and beat them, so I think that was pretty fun.”

Doesn’t everyone know to hold off on “hooraying” until the game is over?! Apparently not!

Alford contributed to Atlanta’s big lead, scoring on a pick-six off Brady in the second quarter. But he was also involved in a play that didn’t go so well for Atlanta. With two minutes left, Alford tipped the football and Julian Edelman made the catch of the year, coming up with the football that was just inches from the ground, keeping the Patriots in the game.

That drive ended in a touchdown and the Patriots went on to win in OT.

So what have we learned here today folks? We learned not to celebrate too early.

📝 Odds & Ends

📺 What to watch tonight

Getty Images

Tigers vs. Cardinals, 1:15 p.m. | STL -135 | TV: MLB.TV

Reds vs. Brewers, 8:10 p.m. | MIL -177 | TV: MLB.TV

⚾ Dodgers vs. Padres, 10:10 p.m. | SDP +130 | TV: MLB.TV

Best Weirdest thing I saw on the internet 🏅

I’m changing this segment to “weirdest thing I saw on the internet,” and you’ll see why in a second. There are now Tony Hawk skateboards with his blood infused in them selling for $500 each. Confused? Same.

What’s more, is the blood skateboards sold out within an hour. The limited edition boards are going towards a good cause. In the promotion video, Hawk said a portion of the profits went toward “killing” plastic pollution and building skateparks in “underserved” communities. Check out the video and story here, but if you get squirmy about watching anything with needles, I’d suggest not watching the video.

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