Premier League clubs Aston Villa, West Brom and Wolves to remove animals from badges for World Wildlife Day

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In a partnership with World Wildlife Fund, Premier League clubs Aston Villa, West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers will remove the animals from their badge in their next slate of matches. The decision was made to bring awareness to the increasing loss of wildlife around the world.

All three clubs include depictions of animals within their respective badges. Aston Villa has a lion, Wolves have a wolf and West Brom have a throstle, an old-fashioned term for a song thrush bird. This is for World Wildlife Day and the clubs will be joined by those in other leagues such as Serie A side Roma and Championship clubs Watford, Brentford and Middlesbrough.

“We want to show what a world without nature would look like, because in less than 50 years, human activity has resulted in wildlife populations plummeting by an average of 68% — and with every part of nature that we extinguish, we lose another important link to human and planetary health,” said Felicity Glennie Holmes, executive director of communications and marketing at WWF International, per ESPN.

“Today we’re joining forces with some of the world’s best-loved brands to remove nature-related images from our logos to show how empty a #WorldWithoutNature would be.

“Globally, we need to reverse our direction and start restoring nature. And we need governments around the world to seize the opportunities this year to take action, so that we avert the risk of nature disappearing for good and our natural world thrives.”

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