Manchester United-Granada naked streaker hid in stadium for 14 hours prior to pulling off stunt

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The streaker who ran onto the pitch during Manchester United’s Europa League match against Granada on Thursday apparently snuck into the stadium and waited 14 hours before pulling off his stunt, according to reports. The exhibitionist, named Olmo Garcia, needed to move with such secrecy because the game was played behind closed doors.

Garcia, nicknamed “The Naked Man of Granada,” appeared on the pitch with his birthday suit just before the 6-minute mark of the match Thursday. 

“He made it onto the pitch from underneath a large canvas, where he was hidden,” the police said.

He was able to pull off the stunt by being patient.

“The man made it into the stadium at 7 a.m. after getting through the security perimeter located between the stadium and the Palacio de Deportes building, where it is clear he spent the next 14 hours hidden under the canvas in order to not be seen until he decided to make his move,” police said.

The 37 year old is actually well known around the area for walking around naked. He claims that it’s a way to reclaim purity and peace, and that you’re more connected with your surroundings when you’re naked.

This habit began in 2016 after a trip to Bahrain, Ecuador and then the United States. Garcia has climbed the cathedral of Granada and the ski slopes of Sierra Nevada without clothing.

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