Inter Milan unveil new logo as part of ‘I M’ rebrand

Inter Milan have unveiled their new logo as part of a plan to develop as a cultural brand as well as a sporting one and the crest, which will be used from the 2021-22 season, is part of a rebrand that will see the Serie A giants become stylized as “I M.”

In a statement, Inter detailed the thinking behind their decision to choose “I am” as the expression to develop a new identity around in order to make the Italian giants recognizable and accessible for new audiences with their new “streamlined and minimalist guise.”

“Inter has moved to revamp its visual identity to open up to an audience that is increasingly digital and sensitive to aesthetics, to reach global targets and different age groups, and establish itself as an icon of culture as well as sport,” read the official statement. “The aim is to make the Inter brand relevant and recognizable beyond its fanbase and to allow a younger and international audience to identify with the values of inclusion, style and innovation that have characterized Inter since its foundation.

“The evolution draws a great deal of inspiration from the club’s roots; the founding values of Inter remain front and center, preserving the historical and emotional spirit with which its most loyal supporters identify, and emphasizing the bond with the city of Milan.

“The new logo is a modern reinterpretation of the club’s historic symbol, in a more streamlined and minimalist guise. While maintaining continuity with the original version, the new symbol is a more suitable fit for the age of entertainment.”

The letters I and M stay true to Giorgio Muggiani’s original Inter crest and the Nerazzurri’s traditional concentric circles are still present with the original colors dating back to 1908 boosted for vibrancy and vividness.

“The task of designing the new logo was entrusted to the Bureau Borsche team, a leading graphic design studio of international standing,” add the statement. “The story of the club’s new visual identity is to be told through a collection of photographs accompanying the expression I M, read as “I am”, which seeks to contextualize Inter’s new visual identity with contemporary language: I M Football Club Internazionale Milano.

“The expression “I am” is used to directly communicate the values and inclination of the club but also serves as a hook to describe the essence of every Inter fan without any distinction.”

Inter’s current logo will serve them until the end of the current season before then being replaced by the new one as next campaign’s collection is launched over the summer.

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