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DNA tests have become all the rage for Americans curious about their heritage and roots. But what about Fido? Now you can test the DNA of your dog with the Orivet Dog DNA Test Kit, a tool that gives you a ton of incredible information about your pet, and which is currently available for 12 percent off its list price. 

The kit is easy to use. Simply activate it online, collect your dog’s DNA with some included swabs, and send the samples to a lab with a prepaid envelope. Then sit back and wait for the results to come in.

What you will get in return is a breed-percentage report for your dog. This report will break down by the numbers how much of any particular breed your dog is. You can answer simple questions, like, “Is he or she a purebred?” This test will give you the answer and help you figure out, if not a purebred, what exactly is in your dog’s history.

That part is certainly interesting. But the DNA test does so much more for the health of your animal. The test includes a LifePlan to help you and your vet develop a management plan for your pet’s life. You’ll get a personalized wellness approach based on their breed, age, weight, gender, geographical location and lifestyle.

The LifePlan also includes a schedule you can share with your vet to implement a customized well plan for your dog.

On top of all of these marvelous, helpful tools for dog owners, the LifePlan also gives you insights into your canine’s personality and behavior, and it offers nutritional suggestions for them. It also gives you routine health care advise, and helps keep you on track with your dog’s needed vaccinations.

Users have praised the DNA kit for its ease of use and as a helpful aid to figure out a dog’s breed scientifically instead of relying on the word of a breeder. One customer named Jeffrey Brewster even said, “I’ve always thought my dog was part beagle because that’s what the adoption agency told me, but it ends up he’s not! Thanks to this product I now know my dog’s actual makeup! How cool is that?”

Normally priced at $109, this dog KNA kit can be yours for a limited time for just $94.99, a savings of 14 percent.

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