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The fundamentals of ice don’t change. Combine two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, then chill until solid. But the ways we can shape that ice is limitless. Sometimes these forms serve a function, such as large blocks or spheres that are slower to melt and don’t dilute our drinks. In other cases, odd shapes add a touch of whimsy to our glasses. From small crushed cubes in a glass of lemonade to shapes designed for your next nightcap, we’ve rounded up a variety of ice cube tray options for your favorite chilled drinks. Here’s what you should consider.

  • Surface area and shape: Cubes with greater surface areas retain their temperature longer, making them ideal for neat cocktails. If you want to blend with your ice or shake up chilled drinks, smaller cubes will be easier to maneuver. 
  • Lid: Nobody wants to spill water on their way to the fridge, which is why an ice cube tray lid is an essential bit of design to keep an eye out for. Not only will they keep your cubes contained in the freezer, but they will also prevent any odor from seeping in the ice.
  • Tray material: The difficult-to-maneuver trays made of hard plastic are largely a thing of the past. Newer silicone options make it easier to pop ice out in your next beverage. The only downside to silicone options is that they’re less rigid when filled with water, so check for lids. 

Our Picks for the Best Ice Cube Trays on Amazon

Top Pick: DOQAUS Ice Cube Trays


The removable tops on this design keep water off the floor, and they line up neatly for easy storage.


Runner Up: Adoric Trays

Slow Melt

These create different shapes, making this option perfect for sophisticated drinks.


Best for Families: Ailifly Mini Ice Cube Molds

Quick Freezing

Each makes more than 150 pieces, which are small enough for kids and easy to put in water bottles for chilled drinks on-the-go.


Best for Cocktails: TGJOR Trays

Unique Shape

Thanks to an ingenious hexagonal design, this pick produces 34 pieces despite its small surface area. It’s also designed with a cover that keeps it fresh.


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