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Apple is getting an earful over the AirPod Max’s $549 price tag

Apple revealed its AirPods Max headphones on Tuesday morning — but the $549 price tag wasn’t music to many people’s ears.

While there were Apple
fans expressing their excitement about the new noise-canceling, over-the-ear wireless headphones, which offer up to 20 hours of battery life and boast “an immersive, theater-like experience” with their “spacial audio” features, the more common refrain came from people complaining about the cost — particularly during a pandemic when millions of Americans are still out of work — when they can get similar headphones from competitors like Bose for $350 or less.

“Insanity!! In the middle of a pandemic,” commented one user, who also dropped an expletive before calling the sticker price “unbelievable.”

Trevor Martin, a popular YouTube creator who reviews videogames and technology, also blanched at the $549 price. “Why?!” he asked in a video posted to Twitter.

And when some followers in the comments pointed out that Martin is a millionaire who can handily afford Apple’s latest device, he responded, “I’m a millionaire because I’m smart with my finances, like not buying $550 headphones.”

Plenty of jokes and memes abounded over the cost and appearance of the headphones’ case, as well.

And still others pointed out that the AirPods Max cost more than the highly coveted PlayStation 5, Sony’s
 new videogame console that starts at $399.

Apple was not immediately available for comment.

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Still other potential customers resigned themselves to the fact that there are people who will probably pay the price. Apple’s existing AirPods wireless earbuds have been a hit despite their $159 price tag, as have the AirPods Pro that go for $249.

Preorders for the AirPods Max begin Tuesday, and the headphones will begin shipping on Dec. 15.


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