NHL, NHLPA agree to financial framework for start of new season, per reports

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After being locked in a lengthy stalemate over financial issues, the NHL and NHLPA have reportedly come to an agreement on the financial structure of a new season. According to reports, both sides have moved past their financial disagreements and settled on an economic plan — and the financial split that the two sides are moving forward with is the same one that they agreed to back in July.

Both sides are reportedly eyeing a start date of Jan. 13 with a 52- or 56-game schedule now that the financial disagreements have been settled.

Much like the situation that we saw play out with MLB and the MLBPA earlier in 2020, the owners and players butted heads over the idea of modifying a previously agreed plan. After that initial agreement was made in July, NHL owners informed players last month that they were seeking additional concessions given the state of the pandemic and the financial projections for the upcoming season. 

The players were not thrilled about the idea of giving up additional money and wanted the owners to stick to the original agreement, stalling negotiations and, ultimately, delaying the start of a new season (the NHL initially wanted to begin play on Dec. 1.) This week, the owners seemingly conceded and agreed to push forward without the additional concessions from players, clearing the biggest roadblock in the way of a new season.

With the money issues behind them, the two sides are now hammering out additional details in order to finalize a plan for a new season. There are still several challenging hurdles left to clear, including matters of scheduling, temporary league realignment and COVID-19 protocols. 


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