Seahawks open to replacing Russell Wilson with Sam Darnold?

One of the biggest reasons the Seattle Seahawks are unlikely to trade Russell Wilson this offseason is that they don’t have a replacement for him. But if the situation reaches a boiling point, head coach Pete Carroll may give the New York Jets a call.

Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News was told by an NFL source that trading for Sam Darnold would be an option for the Seahawks if they part ways with Wilson. Carroll is said to be high on Darnold, and the two share the USC connection with Carroll having coached there and Darnold playing college ball for the Trojans.

Obviously, Wilson would need to be traded for Carroll to even explore that. While at least one team is reportedly expected to make a big offer for the star quarterback, Seattle is not actively engaged in talks with anyone.

For what it’s worth, Carroll had high praise for Darnold last December.

“I think he’s really talented without question,” Carroll said. “He’s got great throws in him. He’s a real quarterback. He sees things. He makes big plays and big throws in difficult situations because of his talent. It’s just a matter of time. Sam’s going to be a really big-time QB.”

Darnold seems far more likely to be traded than Wilson. One reporter speculated this week that he will be the next quarterback on the move in the coming days or weeks, which makes a trade between the Jets and Seahawks seem highly unlikely.

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