NFL executive: Seahawks not sold on Russell Wilson long term, drama not over

While the two sides have talked frequently in the months since, finding a way to resolve their issues enough to make the upcoming season tolerable, there are long-term concerns. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler provided insight on the situation based on discussions from around the league.

“There’s something going on there,” an NFL executive told Fowler. “I just don’t get the sense they are sold on him long-term.”

It can’t come as too much of a surprise considering what unfolded a few months prior and it’s become evident that NFL teams aren’t shy about making future plans at quarterback long before their All-Pro passer is finished.

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There’s no incentive for the two sides to part ways right now. A trade would leave the organization with a $39 million dead cap hit, a number no team can afford for a player who isn’t rostered.

As for Wilson, almost anywhere he lands would be a worse situation if he wants to win a Super Bowl.

That’s why the two sides spoke often during the spring, finding a temporary resolution to a fractured relationship that seemed to get worse in recent years. Some of the damage has been repaired, thanks to key offseason moves, but it’s still a long way from being perfect.

“Major issues did exist but Wagner is right that it’s water under the bridge right now,” Fowler added. “But they had to work to get there, working through some consternation. Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson had multiple talks over the phone to try and sort some things out. Russell Wilson wanted to see the team step up, had some ideas on how to try and get back to the Super Bowl. They made a few moves this offseason that weren’t necessarily splashy, but Russell did take notice…This feels far from over”

The Seahawks have the talent to win the NFC West in 2021 and more consistent play from Wilson would put him in the running for NFL MVP. If this offense is clicking and the defense improves, there’s at least an outside shot of reaching the NFC Championship Game.

Similar to the Green Bay Packers situation with Aaron Rodgers, this likely is a franchise and its star quarterback agreeing to make one last run before parting ways in 2022.

Both NFL stars will likely be on the field for their respective teams in Week 1 this September, but it might be their last season openers in those uniforms.

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