Cryptocurrency is a type of currency, you can say casino tokens or coins. It uses blockchain technology for keeping the data or record of the buyer. Bitcoins are the most popular currency in the world and it’s a form of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is a type of international currency that can be exchanged in different currencies during the trade. It uses blockchain technology which is divided into many computers and these are managed by a lot of people. It saves the records of blockchain or cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has a link with larger banks of different countries because they participate in this market. It works 24 hours or approximately 6 days a week and is active almost all the time.


Cryptocurrencies have faced a lot of successes because of their increasing demand in many countries. Bitcoin has now become the most popular currency in the world. Some countries like Bangladesh have banned cryptocurrency and passed the verdict about it that anybody who will be involved in cryptocurrency, the government will send him to jail. On the order side. Some countries like U. S, Japan, etc, passed the law and made cryptocurrency legal.

  • Brazil:

Cryptocurrency and bitcoin are not illegal there. According to the government, it’s not a currency, it’s an asset, and one who holds that asset is subjected to give 15 to 20% of the taxes on it.

  • Argentina:

They do not consider it a legal currency. They considered it money but not a legal one. According to them, it’s not the way to cancel the debts.

  • Zimbabwe:

This country has not made any regulations about cryptocurrency. But in the future maybe they will.

  • Iceland:

They are worried about their fight that is happening in their county. So they banned cryptocurrency.

  • Finland:

Their regulatory body said that it should be treated as an asset and taxes should be applied to it.

  • Australia:

According to their regulatory body, cryptocurrency and bitcoins are the types of currency. So they legalized it and removed the taxes from it.

  • Greece:

Their government did not give any statement regarding bitcoins and cryptocurrency. But a private bank has bought cryptocurrency, and they are participating in the crypto market.

  • India:

As bitcoins and crypto are using in India. But still, there is no law that describes that it is legal or not in India.

  • Germany:

According to their report in 2013, they gave a statement about crypto and bitcoins that should be treated as money and taxes are applied on it. They further clarified that it is considered as a unit of account and people can keep it as private money.

  • Indonesia:

Cryptocurrency is constantly used in their market and their people keep it as well but there is no such law that shows that it is a legal currency in their country.

  • Kyrgyzstan:

In this country, the trading of Bitcoins is completely banned and a law passed against it.

  • United States:

In the world of cryptocurrency, the U.S. has a major contribution. Its users have a majority in crypto. There is a lot of a number of ATM banks where crypto is used. But it differs from state to state. Some states are completely involved in crypto like California. another state, Colorado, passed a start accepting taxes in cryptocurrency.You can learn more by clicking bitcoin champion uk.

  • Cyprus:

The use of bitcoins is not legal in this country. The bank of Cyprus gave a statement in 2013 that its use can be dangerous and it can be a fraud.

  • Japan:

In Japan, it is considered a legal trade. It is like an asset and taxes are applied on it in Japan.

  • China:

In 2012 China passed the law and made it legal trade. Its people buy crypto and make private money.

  • Belgium:

They did not give any statements about cryptocurrency and bitcoins. They are waiting for other European countries to provide them complete guidance.

  • Turkey:

Turkey is involved in the trade of crypto and bitcoins. But in few cities, it is believed that its use can be dangerous too.


Cryptocurrency has become the most popular currency in the world after bitcoins. Some Countries considered it legal and some others considered it an illegal trade as they sent them to jail who were involved in it. Some countries are waiting for the European states to give them complete guidance. Some countries imposed taxes on cryptocurrency buyers. In upcoming years, the demand for this currency will increase. And those who illegalized the cryptocurrency will legalize it.


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