Why Are Medical Records Important in a Slip and Fall Lawsuit?

If you were involved in a slip and fall accident, it is important to remember that your medical records are a key piece of evidence that forms the foundation of your lawsuit. If you want fair compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial damages resulting from a slip and fall accident, you will need to prove these damages in a court of law.

These records are key to proving your injuries in a slip and fall lawsuit. Without this evidence, your lawyer cannot prove that you sustained injuries during the accident, and it becomes almost impossible to receive compensation without your medical records.

Proving Your Injuries

In a slip and fall accident where you seek compensation for your injuries by filing a lawsuit against the negligent party, the burden of proof lies on you. The court will demand thorough documentation of your physical injuries starting from the time of the accident till your case goes to trial. It is essential to have official medical documents that prove the extent and severity of your injuries and the medical or surgical treatment administered.

Calculating Damages

With the guidance of an experienced lawyer, obtaining medical records after a slip and fall injury also help prove the degree of permanency of your injuries, which assists your attorney in the accurate assessment of damages. The costs of medical or surgical treatment, hospital stay, emergency medical assistance, medications, and physical rehabilitation, etc., help in determining your financial damages that form a significant part of your compensation claim. Medical records also keep track of your prognosis and recovery and help determine the impact of the physical injuries on your future.

Establishing Liability

If the accident occurred due to the negligence of the property owner, your medical records will help in establishing negligence on the part of the opposite party. If you file a lawsuit against a property owner due to a slip and fall accident that resulted in a bone fracture, you must provide medical evidence, including medical imaging (X-Rays) to demonstrate the extent and severity of your injury. Having this evidence also negates the notion of pre-existing injuries. Medical records, therefore, are invaluable to support your account of the accident and help in establishing liability in case of a lawsuit.

Releasing Your Medical Records

When you enter the discovery phase of the lawsuit, the opposite party can request for you to release your medical records. It is essential to obtain expert legal opinion before authorizing the transfer of medical records to anyone else, be it the opposite party or your insurance provider. It is essential to remember that you only need to produce the medical records that are relevant to the injuries resulting from the slip and fall accident. The opposite party might try to use your past medical records to find irrelevant information that could damage your chances of obtaining fair financial compensation. Therefore it is important to consult your lawyer before handing over any kind of medical records.

Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring an experienced lawyer to handle your slip and fall lawsuit claim is essential to obtain adequate financial compensation for your damages. Your lawyer will guide you through the complicated legal process of a slip and fall lawsuit and help you keep a thorough medical record. Your lawyer will also advise you on when, where, and how to produce your medical records throughout the lawsuit.

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