Who Is Responsible for Stadium Injuries?

The history of professional sports is full of spectacular injuries of both athletes and spectators. Over the years, better safety measures have been set in place to offer more protection for viewers. Still, stadium injuries continue to occur.

Depending on the specific circumstances under which the injury occurred, several entities can be held responsible: the owner of the stadium, a manufacturer of a faulty item, or a spectator. A personal injury case centers around proving negligence.

Common Stadium Injuries

The owner of a sports venue has the responsibility of keeping the location safe. There are many regulations in place that help ensure the safety of athletes and spectators. An injury suffered in a stadium can have serious repercussions for the health and finances of the victim. What is more, in some cases, these accidents can be fatal.

Some of the most common stadium injuries include:

  • Slip and fall
  • Being hit by falling objects
  • Falling on account of inappropriate railing
  • Food poisoning
  • Faulty elevator
  • Collapsing structures
  • Fire on account of inadequate prevention measures
  • Car accidents in the parking lot
  • Assault

Proving Negligence

Being injured while on the premise of a sporting venue does not guarantee that you have a personal injury case. To have a shot at winning the case, it must be proven that someone was at fault for your injury, mainly on account of negligence. The lawsuit can be against the owner of the stadium and other individuals like spectators or manufacturers.

Against the Owner of the Stadium

The owner of the stadium is responsible for ensuring that safety standards are met across the establishment. Some of their activities include:

  • Inspect the location and detect any potential dangers
  • Issues should be fixed before people arrive at the location
  • If any problems remain unsolved, there should be clear warning signs

For any kind of injury that occurs in a stadium, there can be several possible reasons and people responsible. Therefore, the role of an attorney is crucial in proving negligence. Contact a

personal injury attorney in Atlanta to make sure that you have the best chance to receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

Against Other At-Fault Parties

Stadium injury lawsuits are frequently targeting the owner of the establishment since they have a responsibility to ensure that the sporting event will take place in safe conditions. However, this does not make them automatically liable for any injury that occurs on the grounds. Depending on the nature of the event that inflicted the injury one or more of the following people or entities can be at fault:

  • Staff member
  • Spectator
  • Driver
  • Food vendor
  • Product manufacturer

Slip and Fall

Let us consider one of the most common stadium injuries as an example, the slip and fall. Most of these incidents are caused by wet floors, but there can be many reasons behind this. If spectators have spilled some drinks and you slip and fall, it can be difficult to pinpoint a person to sue.

On the other hand, if a wet floor is a recurring problem at an area of the stadium and it was signaled to the administration but not fixed, there might be enough grounds to sue. It must be proven in the court of law that they knew or should have known of the problem that led to the injury and did nothing to mend it.

Another important point to consider is if there were warning signs displayed to signal spectators of potential danger. If the owner and caretaker are aware of the problem but could not fix it before a sporting event, they must display clear signs to warn of the possible danger.

Being Hit by Falling Objects

Another rather common stadium injury is spectators being hit by a falling object like a ball or a puck that flew out of bounds. The list of safety measures that a sporting venue has to comply with is pretty long. Depending on the sport, there are boards or nets to protect viewers from being hit by a ball. These items must, in turn, meet a set of safety requirements.

Negligence could be proven, for example, on account of these materials being worn down or faulty. This will be the task of the lawyer of the injured person.

Final Thoughts

The list of stadium injuries is long, and so is that of people who might be held liable. Therefore, it is essential to contact a lawyer to take over your case. They can determine who should be sued for negligence based on the specifics of your case. Also, they can help you receive proper compensation for your pain.

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