Video shows new angle of incident between Kyler Murray, fan

Las Vegas police are investigating an incident where a fan at Allegiant Stadium hit Kyler Murray in the face, and a new video shows another angle of the slap. The big question is whether or not it was deliberate.

A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Police Department confirmed on Tuesday that a battery complaint was filed after “a spectator at the stadium struck a professional football player” on Sunday. One video showed a fan reaching over another fan who was in front of him and hitting Murray in the face with an open hand.

TMZ obtained a new video that shows a different angle of the incident. In it, you can see that the video who hit Murray in the face reached over another fan in front of him and swiped toward Murray. What did not seem obvious was the intent.

Based on the angles we have seen of the incident, it seems entirely possible that the fan did not intend to hit Murray in the face. Anytime a player goes over to the sideline to celebrate with fans, we usually see people doing anything they can to get in on that action. This particular fan may have just been trying to slap Murray’s shoulder pad or make contact with the Cardinals star in any way he could.

Whatever the case, Murray was furious and briefly tried to confront the fan.

The incident came after Murray threw for 277 yards with a passing touchdown and rushing touchdown in an exciting 29-23 overtime win over the Las Vegas Raiders.

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