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Sega’s making another mini Genesis, this time with Sega CD games – News Opener

Following up the Sega Genesis Mini release in 2019, Sega’s got its next mini retro console reissue coming — the Sega Drive Mini 2. (In North America, you’d know the original console by its other name, Sega Genesis 2.) The company announced the new console during a Japanese-language livestream and after teasing the announcement — with a crudely decorated cake — last week.

The Sega Drive Mini 2 is slated for release in Japan on Oct. 27, but a release date for North America was not announced. Sega Genesis Mini was released worldwide simultaneously in 2019. The miniature retro console will cost 9,980 yen, or somewhere around $75. That lines up with the Sega Genesis Mini, which sold for $79.99. The Sega Drive Mini 2 is expected to ship with 50 games spanning the Mega Drive and Mega CD collections, including Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Virtua Racing, and Popful Mail.

Sega also announced a Sega CD add-on for the mini console that’ll reproduce its classic look, with a miniature CD reader set alongside the miniature console. It’s very cute, and appears to come with a simulated miniature cartridge for Virtua Racing and a simulated miniature CD for Sonic the Hedgehog CD. The Sega CD mini add-on is 4,500 yen extra, or about $35. The add-on doesn’t do anything or add any extra capabilities, according to Sega’s listing on its website — it’s just for the classic look.

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