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Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume proves we could all be loved as worms – News Opener

Heidi Klum has always geeked out for Halloween. The German-American model and celebrity is known for throwing an annual star-studded Halloween party where she’ll wear of costume or her own. In previous years, she’s donned absurd of costumes like Fiona from Shrek or a flesh-eating alien. But this time she’s truly outdone herself. On Monday, she dressed up as a worm and I genuinely think it’s her best work yet.

The costume is somewhere in the range of slightly, to extremely, disturbing. The costume itself appears to be plump and fleshy. And it’s molded perfectly to her face. It looks like the sort of creation that would be in an old school Guillermo del Toro film or another fantastical horror film of that nature. Instead of going into details, I think it’s just best for you to view a close up of the outfit for yourself. Pictured below is Klum being interviewed while in costume.

Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Klum further explained why she picked the goofy costume. “I wanted to think outside of the box. I thought a rain worm would be kind of fun. We all know worms, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone being a rain worm before.” Klum said that it took basically the entire day to get her into costume.

There is a piece of all of this that is somehow deeply relatable. I too, want to slither into a prestigious event, covered in nothing but goo and just lay on the floor as the busy world buzzes around me. It’s been a hard couple of years; We’re all tired. Maybe being a worm would be a nice change of pace. I’d get to, ya know, slow down.

Additionally, the costume feels like a nod to one of my favorite TikTok trends from two years ago. In it, folks simply asked loved ones, “Would you still love me if I was a worm?” Then they posted videos of them posing the question and the reaction and answer.

Of course, it’s a ridiculous question, and doesn’t make a ton of sense. But it is fun! The usual response usually includes some sort of confusion or befuddlement regarding the hyper-specific question. But now thanks to Klum, we have an IRL idea of what it would be like if someone transformed into a worm. Verdict: Still lovable.

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