‘Thursday Night Football’ commentator Kirk Herbstreit on Broncos offense: ‘It’s stuck in third gear’

“Thursday Night Football” commentator Kirk Herbstreit thought Russell Wilson and the Broncos offense would bolt off the starting line, instead they’ve stalled.

“This offense is stuck in third gear,” Herbstreit said Thursday on NFL Network. 

The Broncos are 2-2, but sloppy execution prevented their offense from reaching its potential. They’re the most penalized team. They draw 9.3 penalties per game, averaging 71 yards. 

Although it’s Wilson’s first year in Denver, a team led by an 11-year quarterback should be more sound. 

“They seem out of sorts,” Herbstreit said. “I thought Russ is gonna go to Denver and here we go, this is the missing piece that’s going to get the Broncos going.”

The offense isn’t grooving though, it ranks 30th in scoring. 

The disorganization can be traced back to first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett. However, they traded two first-round draft picks for Wilson because he supposedly filled the missing piece in a Super Bowl puzzle. 

The Broncos don’t look like a championship team at all, let alone one that will make the playoffs. They may have overvalued Wilson.

Through four games he’s completing 61 percent of his passes, 23rd out of 33 quarterbacks. Not exactly the type of numbers from a player you sign to a five-year extension with $161 million guaranteed, per Spotrac.

It’s becoming harder to discredit the argument that he’s a declining player. 

If Wilson and company don’t turn around, they’ll idle like the race car depicted by Denver cartoonist Drew Litton.

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