Stephen Curry is a superhuman shooter, but his latest full-court viral video is too ridiculous to believe

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Back in 2002, Powerade released a commercial in which Michael Vick could be “seen” throwing a football clear out of a stadium. You knew it was fake. It had to be. Editing wasn’t that great back then. And yet, for a very brief second, you actually had to entertain the possibility that the video, the feat, was real. That’s how superhuman Vick seemed at the time. That’s how strong of an arm he had. It was borderline cartoonish. 

That’s Stephen Curry nowadays. A truly superhuman shooter seemingly capable of anything with a ball and a basket. Back in 2020 a video surfaced in which Curry could be seen making an absurd 105 straight corner 3-pointers at the Warriors‘ practice facility. If that was anyone else in that video, my first thought would’ve been: “that has to be fake.” But it was Curry. He’s an alien. So I believed it. 

But this latest Curry video making the social media rounds is a bridge too far. If you haven’t seen it yet, on Sunday night Sports Illustrated put out a video of Curry making five straight full-court shots. Have a look for yourself:

This is pretty convincing, I have to admit. Editing has certainly improved since the days of Vick chucking that ball into outer space. But there’s just no way. Even for Curry, this is too ridiculous. Five straight full-court heaves? Dude didn’t even bank one in. He flat stroked those things. One arm flings on a line. No chance. 

Also, this video is from the same magician editor, Ari Fararooy, who brought you this:

So, yeah … don’t be a sucker. Again, it speaks to Curry’s greatness that we actually have to research this thing and start finding other fake videos that have similarly yanked our chains in order to completely disprove something that we know in the most logical corners of our brain cannot possibly be real. But let’s come back to earth here. I’ll believe just about anything Curry does with a basketball in his hands, but this is a bridge too far. 

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