Solo Camping Tips And Tricks For Women


For those who have always wanted to experience the great outdoors but can’t seem to find any opportunity to do so, here is the guide for you. Even if you do not have friends who like camping or prefer spending time in solitude, solo camping trips can be just as rewarding. Some people may worry about what equipment to bring along or what activities to partake in, but we believe that safety should be everyone’s top priority if they are planning to camp alone. Especially for women, where there are higher risks involved, here are some essential tips to make any camping trip a safe and fun one from The Expert Camper.

Is it okay to camp alone?

While it might sound like a whole new territory to leap into, camping alone is just about the same as camping with other people; in which, you will always need to be careful about your surroundings, inform others of your whereabouts and make sure you plan for emergencies in advance. It also helps to be humble in your skills and take it easy if you are a beginner camper as well. Make sure you always have access to medical assistance and have means of contacting other people such as your phone. If you are planning to camp in the wild, it is also worth reading up on the types of wildlife and animals that might be roaming around in the area.

Safety during camping trips

Camping is such an immersive experience that sometimes it can feel like you are in an entirely different world. However, don’t forget to stay connected to civilization and loved ones. We recommend bringing along a satellite device for emergencies and camping near amenities if you are still new to camping. There are devices that also allow one to send messages to your loved ones, not only giving you a sense of assurance but also your friends and family as well. Lastly, the best way to feel safe when camping alone is to make sure that you are well-informed and prepared for the things to come. One should not stress about having the ‘perfect’ camping trip, rather make sure that it is safe to camp first, and it is perfectly valid to reschedule or change plans to ensure your safety.

Solo Camping Tips And Tricks For Women

Camping as a woman

Some people might say that camping alone is too dangerous for any woman to embark on. While this may be true in certain situations, this can also spark a lot of fear and hesitation among women to try solo camping. We believe that camping alone is still possible and can be safe, as long as you look out for these important things.

The first thing you would need to look out for as a solo camper is the type of wildlife that you will be surrounded by. Once you have chosen your campsite location, make sure to research any dangerous animals and what precautions to take against them. You might even consider bringing along some protective gear such as bear spray in cases of emergencies. It is also important to look out for forces of nature. While we cannot predict every element of the weather, we can keep a lookout for flood-prone areas or tall trees. Heavy rain and strong winds are the recipes for falling trees, which can pose fatal risks if they happen to fall into your campsite and worse still, your tent. Make sure that you do proper research on any environmental precautions to take. Lastly, the biggest fear for women when it comes to camping solo would be other people such as male figures with ill intentions. Although we hear stories like this all the time, the actual possibility of this happening is quite slim. Despite so, we recommend bringing along a personal alarm device and keeping it near you such as under your pillow when you sleep. If you have some extra time, it doesn’t hurt to take on some self-defense classes as well; every bit counts!

Camping tips and tricks

Make sure that you choose the right tent for the environment and weather that you are planning to face. Depending on the season, there are different types of tents to accommodate the elements of the weather and keep you safe. We also recommend cooking outside your tent, even though some people may choose to do it indoors. Lighting a stove in a tent can pose a huge fire risk as tent materials are usually highly flammable and without proper ventilation, this can cause respiratory problems as it can deplete the oxygen in your tent. Lastly, we recommend keeping food away as wildlife may stumble upon your campsite and feast on it. One can consider purchasing a sealed bear canister to prevent smells from escaping and lingering around the area.

Solo Camping Tips And Tricks For Women

Equipment checklist

Even if you are planning to stay in a campsite with amenities around, it does not hurt to be more prepared. Some essential items that every camper would need is a good shelter, comfortable sleeping gear, and thermal wear if you are facing the cold, water storage to prevent dehydration, a good amount of food to last you through your trip, a portable stove, and cutlery, first aid kit, and your satellite communication device. Make sure to also bring along a multi-tool and your personal alarm device. Protective gear can help to fend off any aggressive wildlife and making sure you have ample amounts of light can also help at night. Also, make sure to have your personal particulars on hand in cases of emergency.


While solo camping can seem pretty daunting especially for females, it can still be a rewarding and fun experience as long as you are well-prepared and take the necessary precautions to stay safe. Always make sure that you are in contact with your friends and loved ones who can immediately seek help if you are in a dire situation. While it may take more preparation than camping with someone else, we promise you that it is well worth it.

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