Soccer’s Popularity Soars off the Back of Technological Innovations

Soccer is one of the biggest sports in the world for a variety of reasons: for example, the game itself is hugely entertaining and highly unpredictable and that’s why, more than one billion people tune in to watch the World Cup final every four years, according to, with their eyes on the top contenders and underdogs, alike.

In addition, there’s also the passion for the game that makes it a mainstream hit. Soccer clubs are embedded in local communities and the support of a team is typically passed down from one generation to another. However, these aren’t the only reasons soccer is the world’s game. Technology has taken the sport to new levels of popularity in recent years. From stats and strategy to predictions to virtual simulators, fans have more ways than ever to interact with the beloved game.

The first way to gain a better overview of soccer and learn about its nuances is statistics. Like almost every sport, numbers matter in soccer and there are plenty of ways to size up a team online. You can go to and read through the latest team rankings. Then, if you want to get more specific, you can go to the official websites of major soccer leagues. For example, if you check out, you can scroll through endless lists of player statistics, from passes completed and tackle percentages to goals scored, you can see every player’s strengths and weaknesses outlined in a convenient and accessible form.

Running the Numbers Gives You Extra Insights

Also, modern online sportsbooks are packed with data and statistical insights, particularly top-tier platforms. For instance, helps you find the best betting sites by rating sportsbooks based on their bonuses, odds, features, mobile apps, and more. The comparison feature helpfully weighs up each website and decides which ones best suit your needs. Then, once you’ve found an online sportsbook, you can access a constant stream of results, in-game stats, match previews, and tips.

The game previews and tips offer different perspectives on a match due to the fact they’re compiled by experts: these articles take into account a myriad of variables, including the latest odds, previous results, current form, and professional experience. The end result is an article that gives you a better understanding of a match. When you understand soccer on a deeper level, you can gain more enjoyment from it. Indeed, if you know that Arsenal should beat Tottenham based on current form, but they fail to do so, you’ll know it was an upset.

If you didn’t have a deep understanding of the game gleaned from stats and betting insights, you’d simply think it was another win for Tottenham and not appreciate the magnitude of the result. Thus, you’d miss out on the heightened emotions that come when there’s an unexpected result. Therefore, it’s possible to get a much greater insight into soccer and get more enjoyment from it thanks to modern technology.

Virtual Previews Enhance Your Soccer Experience

The final way in which technology has made soccer bigger than ever is through digital interactions and virtual reality (VR). VR soccer games are becoming popular forms of entertainment, but this technology’s roots run much deeper. Fans now have the ability to take virtual stadium tours and see the inner workings of their favorite clubs, such as Real Madrid, by using devices such as Oculus Rift. Media outlets are also harnessing VR to enhance their coverage of the sport. A Slovenian newspaper used VR to preview FC Maribor vs HSK Zrinjski Mostar, as reported by

The enhanced coverage gave viewers unique insights into the stadium and the teams. In essence, VR enhanced the story around the match which, in turn, made it more interesting. The result was more viewers. This is yet another example of how technology has opened up the sport and made it more accessible. This, combined with betting insights and stats, has made soccer much more popular in the digital age and, without doubt, the world’s biggest sport.

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