QB megadeals could headline 2023 offseason

The Ravens’ announcement Friday that they couldn’t come to an agreement on a contract extension with QB Lamar Jackson adds to what could be a fascinating 2023 offseason for quarterbacks.

Beyond the many teams that might be in the market for a new signal-caller, Jackson, Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert are all in line for contracts that could redefine the market for the position.

Jackson is going to get paid one way or another. There isn’t any indication he wants out of Baltimore or that the Ravens might consider moving on. While the franchise tag could kick the can down the road in spring, there will be intense pressure on the Ravens to give Jackson the deal he wants — especially if he turns in a bounce-back season. 

Jackson seems to be seeking a fully guaranteed contract. When a fan tweeted in August, “As much as I love Lamar, a fully guaranteed deal is just bad business,” Jackson responded, “You don’t love Lamar.” 

Could Herbert or Burrow pursue a fully guaranteed deal? If Jackson is able to land one, why not? Herbert is already one of the NFL’s most prolific quarterbacks after only two seasons, and Burrow took the Bengals to the Super Bowl in only his second season. 

Kyler Murray was able to secure more than $46 million annually from the Cardinals earlier this summer, and Russell Wilson landed $48.5 million per year from the Broncos last week. The catch? Neither deal was fully guaranteed. 

Herbert and Burrow — at their age, with all they have shown so far — may feel that they deserve both a higher annual salary than Murray or Wilson and nearly a full guarantee. Considering the Ravens haven’t given in yet, that might be what Jackson is demanding already. 

The 2023 offseason could be defined by these three parallel storylines, and the first quarterback to sign his megadeal will surely influence the rest. 

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