NFL says ‘nein’ to Seattle’s German-born player ahead of game in Munich

The NFL is playing its first game in Germany, but a German-born player for Seattle won’t be playing in his first NFL game. It’s part of the league’s quest to make sure we never have nice things. 

Aaron Donkor was born in Achern, Germany and played internationally for the Dusseldorf Panthers, per NBC Sports. The Seahawks added him to their practice squad on an exemption given to teams participating in the league’s international development program. NFL teams traditionally hold 16 players on their practice squads, but with the exemption, teams are allowed 17 players.

Per Gregg Bell of the News Tribune, Seattle attempted to move him to the team’s active roster this week to give him a chance to play in front of the home crowd.

The league informed the team of a technicality that Seattle needed to move Donkor onto its 16-man practice squad roster three weeks prior to when the request was made.

Per the Tacoma News Tribune: 

The league reasoned if it let the Seahawks play Donkor other NFL teams with international development players now and in the future could do the same thing without following the league’s rules in these situations.

If only there was a way the league could change the rules the league makes.

German NFL fans get a close-up of the NFL this Sunday. Unfortunately, the closest a German-born player will get is the sideline.

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