How is the World of Live Streaming Evolving?

Live streaming has redefined global industries including that of gaming, and its introduction to the mainstream by Facebook in 2017 will go down as one of the landmark moments of progress for the internet. The live streaming industry is growing exponentially and is expected to be worth $247 billion by 2027. The sector is rapidly moving and evolving to keep people interested, and new trends are emerging.

Figures Suggest that Live Streaming is Set to Get Even Bigger

The live streaming industry is still enjoying steady growth year on year, but figures show that its uptake of viewers has slowed down slightly. According to research released by Stream Hatchet, weekly viewing figures were down by 0.45% on the previous year. However, the overall growth of the industry is up by 49%. This is thanks to greater investment in technology from major corporations.

The three leading gaming channels; Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming witnessed an increase in weekly hours, highlighting their dominance in the market. These brands are constantly evolving and innovating to stay ahead of the curve and to benefit from trends in popular culture. The introduction of eSports and traditional sport streams on these channels has been a revelation, allowing the companies to tap into a wider demographic.

Live streaming is becoming more immersive and engaging as a platform, thanks to the development of advanced devices that are perfectly suited to support it. It is also being used across a variety of industries. It may be most prominent in entertainment, but it can also be for businesses. For example, global companies can use the technology to have boardroom meetings with partners all over the globe. It can even be implemented to advertise property and holidays to people residing in other countries.

Some Aspects of Live Streaming Have Always Stayed Strong

Entertainment companies are always on the lookout for new ways to improve technology, but there are some aspects that have always remained popular since the early days. For example, video game fans still love watching gamers play titles live on Twitch and enjoy having the opportunity to get involved through the chat.

Online casinos have also used live streaming for many years, and players are drawn to sites because of the availability of live table offerings operated by live croupiers and fellow players. Indeed, the rise of live streaming in the mainstream has allured more people to live casino games, as evidenced by the high number of bonuses available for live casinos. These promotions show how much competition there is for players, who can search for the best live casinos at their own leisure. In this day and age, players are spoilt for choice and can make selections based on a number of factors such as deposit match bonuses and average player reviews. With the playing numbers of these live casino games growing, it’s clear that sites are investing more in the technology. There are even newfangled titles emerging to appease the masses. These include game show-style options like Crazy Time.

What are the New Trends to Watch out for?

Co-streams of major events are growing in stature and impossible to ignore. This is something that eSports leagues have recently tested out for the first time, offering viewers another way to enjoy the matches. In this format, commentary and new perspectives are abundant, and the response from viewers has been positive. The medium has seen a 5% growth over the last year, and 31% of the top ten North American eSports events in 2021 were co-streamed.

Live streaming appears set to be integrated with virtual reality in the years ahead, with this being the next logical step in making it more absorbing. Currently, the platform connects people with a multitude of experiences, but there’s never the true feeling of being there because a screen always separates the viewers from the action. This could be rectified with advanced VR headsets.

Live streaming has been almost as revelatory as the internet, and its rise to prominence has been astounding. It is constantly getting bigger and better and is helping prepare mainstream audiences for the introduction of VR. When live streaming is offered in the headsets, it will be a gamechanger.

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