Healthy Living Trends: How to Distinguish Between Fads and Facts

Health and wellness have quickly become one of the most buzzworthy phrases to date. Almost every social media outlet, publication, or broadcast platform has an overabundance of professionals and hobbyists all contributing their opinions on everything related to health and wellness. Truthfully, weeding through all that can get overwhelming. For the everyday person with no proper training or frame of reference for what is fact and what is fad, how can you possibly know the difference between the two?

Embrace Virtual Solutions

Technology and health are more connected now than ever before. Social media specifically has a huge influence over what people determine to be fact-based health advice, even though it is not always so. Young adults are known for placing a significant amount of emphasis on not only the information they gather from social media, but how they apply it to their lives. This practice can negatively impact mental health, especially in those going through a major life transition, like attending college. 

College campuses are now providing ways for students to take advantage of fact-based resources, so they are not entirely relying on the guidance of the internet. There is an all-in-one telehealth provider created for universities and college focusing on the unique needs of students customizing a complete care solution. It is no secret that the pandemic has created an unprecedented strain on resources, but telehealth can bridge that gap. 

Identify Hidden Factors

The two most obvious aspects of healthy living are diet and exercise. However, one way to master the distinction between fads and facts is to not allow yourself to have such narrow vision. It is critical to understand that there are factors beyond nutrition and fitness that deserve your attention if you are to create a well-rounded personal brand of healthy living. Some aspects of health can be measured while others must simply be experienced it is important to keep this in mind throughout your pursuit so you can avoid suddenly feeling discouraged. 

Sleep patterns, job satisfaction, and personal relationships are all great example of elements that greatly impact overall health that have nothing to do with diet or exercise. The goal is not to pursue perfection is all areas, not to mention perfection is not even possible. Instead, the goal should be finding the right combination of habits and choices to support your ideal, personal balance and satisfaction as it relates to health and wellness. 

Understand Generalizations

Fads that come and go and have a sudden spike in popularity only to disappear without warning to then be replaced by the next best thing are curated in general terms. You can expect the same process with health and wellness trends. Specialized diets and targeted workout crazes are not personalized, and that is important to remember. Each individual body needs its own combination of approaches to optimize overall health. While fads are not entirely bad or inaccurate keep perspective on the fact that just because they are popular does not mean they will work or are best suited for your personal needs and goals.

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