Going Global: Top 5 Industries Benefiting From Translation Services

Taking over the international market is the primary goal for any highly successful local business. Why shouldn’t it be? Over the last ten years, the market has doubled in size reaching $46.9 billion in revenue and opening vast possibilities for any startup to boom. Yet, hitting the target audience might be limited to a smart marketing strategy and a comfortable website.

Almost 86% of all marketers are still generating U.S.-centric content while trying to cover more locations. This might be the biggest mistake when each customer demands no less than a personal approach and full customization of business services under specific local requests. Translating and adopting all of your communication channels is the first step to winning your client’s loyalty.

Yet, some industries need translations more than others. If your business is related to one of those, and you still have an English version of your website only, you might want to start searching for technical translation services as soon as possible.

  1. E-commerce

The retail market is one of the biggest industries existing so far. Buying and selling products over the Internet becomes more routine than going to an actual store. Yet, with so many diverse websites offering products, it gets harder and harder for any business to stand out. So instead of trying to beat industry giants with insane budget spending on marketing, advertisement, and service updates, try starting with localizing your website and translating all your messages to your target audience’s native language.

Common Sense Advisory study of customer preferences revealed that 75% of all consumers prefer to buy from a website that has a localized translated version. Thus, they can learn more about the products, easily navigate the website, and make more informed choices. Another statistic states that 60% of all consumers would never or rarely buy from a website with only an English version. In your attempts to provide better customer service for your clients, translating your website and other communication channels needs to come first.

  1. Healthcare

The Healthcare industry must have been a pioneer in becoming global. Yet, recent events with pandemic and COVID-19 expansion have only heightened the demand for services adaptation. The translation is needed for everything: dosage, instructions, notes, and side effects. Incorrect interpretation or even the slightest misunderstanding of any of these points might be a matter of life and death.

And as we speak of translations in Pharmaceuticals, we don’t only mean translations for the importer. Each country that manufactures the medicine has thousands of inhabitants that don’t speak the language – and yet they have to know how to take medicine right. Accurate translations and instructions adaptation is the top priority for any healthcare company.

  1. Education

The Internet has made learning and knowledge more accessible than ever before. Yet, we still see the majority of educational platforms only in their English versions, while only 20% of the population can speak it. E-learning companies practically throw away 80% of their potential customers and cut huge income perspectives just because they never bother to translate their websites and courses.

The education and training industry might be the one to gain the most benefit from professional translation services. Global lockdowns, a boom of Internet services, rapid change of business models – all of these factors have created the best conditions for people to start learning something new and change their professions.

The academic community has grown drastically, loads of colleges and universities have started to enroll students from all over the world. Thousands of companies are now offering more remote positions and hiring new staff members from different countries. So, eLearning businesses have a vast field of growth opportunities, yet localizing and translating educational, as well as training materials should be the first thing in their plan.

  1. Social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – top 3 recognizable icons worldwide. Creating a social media profile for your business is not merely a question anymore. It’s a vital necessity. This is probably the most effective way to communicate with your target audience, engage it and motivate it to buy more of your products.

Still, we run into the same issue here, as with all the other industries. Only 10% of all companies either translate their social media posts or have several multi-language accounts targeting local customers.

Most companies still create English content only and try to win their audience’s attention with viral posts, trendy topics, and timely posting. But at the end of the day, all marketing strategies seem to bring far less audience engagement than expected. Needless to say, that without translating your posts into local languages, you limit your virtual presence to a very small group of your customers while leaving the majority behind.

  1. Finance

The financial services industry includes banks, insurance companies, credit and lending companies, and all the companies providing tech support and additional services for them. Dominating large transcontinental brands that use the b2b market to build and maintain their competitive advantages.

The financial sector also plays a crucial role in global trading, where attaining new customers in foreign counties is one of the primary goals. Here banking and financial industry leaders can benefit from translations to build a clear and compelling b2b and b2c communication. Apart from business-customer communication channels, the financial industry covers a vast amount of financial documents, forms, and transactions descriptions, which need translation services for accurate adaptation.

Bottom line

Spending money on translation and localization of the website and communication channels is not an expense for modern business but a smart investment. The industries mentioned above hit the list of top 5 in urgent need of professional translations and accurate language adaptation, yet they are not the only ones. Practically any business trying to win foreign customers should consider the target audience and its native language. Whatever is the plan – either overseas expansion, global relevance, or getting more clients from various regions – translation services are the ones that would bring you the most fruitful rewards.

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