From Casinos to Cowboys: How the Wild West is Rearing its Head in Modern Entertainment

The Wild West pervades American culture, particularly popular culture, such as films, literature, and, more recently, reality television. It dominated the Hollywood movie scene of the 1930s until the late 1960s, and, although in recent years entertainment industries have focused on different themes, the Wild West has finally started to see another surge in popularity.

More and more forms of entertainment are embracing the times of nomadic cowboys, desolate landscapes, and ranches in small frontier towns. Here are two of such examples that are trying to resurrect the western world, each using a different approach.

Online Casinos/Slots

From Ancient Egypt and Norse mythology, to movies and music, there aren’t many themes that have not been explored by online slots. Considering gambling is part of cowboy culture itself, this industry has paid homage to that lifestyle by incorporating the Wild West into many of its games. For example, Paddy offers the Shamans Dream slot game to play for real money. Developed by Eyecon, this online slot game brings back to life the magical spirit of those times through its use of the mountainous and vast landscape and the iconic items of the Wild West.

Although Hollywood doesn’t seem to have as much of an interest in this genre as it once did, the online gambling industry is still keeping it alive. Casino software providers have taken an interest in producing innovative Wild West-themed games and marketing this genre once again. Moreover, due to the latest technological developments, the games manage to reflect the atmosphere and the spirit of those times. Their advanced graphics and high-quality sounds, paired with their bonus features and jackpot prizes, make the Western-themed slots one of the most popular choices amongst players.

From Casinos to Cowboys: How the Wild West is Rearing its Head in Modern Entertainment

Reality TV Shows

Alongside online casinos, reality shows have recently started to explore the wild west theme by taking a closer look into the lives of cowboys. The Cowboy Way is such a TV show that follows the daily habits of three modern-day cowboys. Their life seems to be governed by the Cowboy Code they choose to live by; which involves hard work in the field with cattle and horses, depending on each other and on their families, and being grateful for the rough, yet simple life they have chosen.

Other shows like Cash Cowboys and Last American Cowboy approach the wild west theme from a different angle – keeping traditions alive and respecting the American landscape. Cash Cowboys focuses on a family of farmers and modern cowboys that uses their roots to try and save damaged land by reclaiming and protecting the landscape. Meanwhile, Last American Cowboy follows three families whose livelihood revolves around keeping the old Western tradition of cattle ranching afloat. It portrays the struggles and obstacles they have to face in order to make an old idea work in the modern-day.

After suffering a hit to its popularity because of newer influences, the Wild West has slowly made a comeback into modern entertainment. Comics and manga have both borrowed elements and reinterpreted them to fit in with their audiences. At the same time, multiple video games, including one of the most expensive video games ever made – Red Dead Redemption – have portrayed the American West in a way that sparked newer interests. This staple in the American culture has moved with the times and managed to find a way to become relevant again and to remind everyone why it was once the most popular genre.

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