Two hospitals in Kherson operate without electricity and running water

Russian shelling has once again cut off power in two-thirds of liberated Kherson just days after it was restored by line workers. According to local authorities, residents without essential services have scrambled to government-supported tents in a bid to stay warm and charge their mobile phones.

This comes as a Vodnikov, one of the city’s main medical facilities, continues to operate on the bare minimum but it is struggling to meet even basic needs. Euronews International Correspondent Anelise Borges visited the centre and spoke to some of the staff and patients.

 “Having no electricity means having no water so doctors and nurses have to fetch water themselves,” said one doctor in Russian.

“This is to flush the toilet, to clean the floor… sometimes this water is used for washing. I take one bucket, I boil the kettle, and I wash myself,” he continued.

Following setbacks on the battlefield, Russia has launched a wave of attacks against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure in recent weeks, plunging the country’s health system into darkness.

Meanwhile, just one maternity hospital is currently operating in Kherson. Since the city was retaken by Ukrainian troops, at least 8 babies were born at Tropinyh Hospital.

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