Send more weapons to Ukraine, Poland’s PM urges NATO

Poland’s prime minister has called on NATO members to send more weapons and artillery to Ukraine.

Mateusz Morawiecki was speaking in the Netherlands following informal talks with several European members of the military alliance. 

It comes ahead of a wider summit at the end of the month in Madrid.

“I ask you to do much more to deliver weapons, artillery to Ukraine,” said Morawiecki. “They need this to defend their country, to defend their territorial integrity and sovereignty.

“Where is our credibility if Ukraine fails? Can we imagine that Ukraine fails and we revert to business as usual? I hope not.”

Morawiecki was joined at the talks by leaders from the Netherlands,  Denmark, Latvia, Romania, Portugal and Belgium.

NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg was also there.

Stoltenberg said the alliance has beefed up its defences following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, reinforcing “our ability to protect and defend every inch of NATO allied territory.”

He said that in Madrid, “we will take the next steps and agree [on] a major strengthening of our posture. Tonight we discussed the need for more robust and combat-ready forward presence, even higher readiness and more pre-positioned equipment and supplies.”

He also said that “Ukraine should have more heavy weapons, and NATO allies and partners have provided the heavy weapons now for actually a long time. But they are also stepping up.”

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