New centre-left government takes the reins in Slovenia

The Slovenian parliament has formally appointed the new, centre-left government of Prime Minister Robert Golob. 

MPs voted 53-28 in favour of the Golob’s new cabinet on Wednesday, which will replace a populist, right-wing former executive.

Golob’s liberal-green Freedom Movement (GS) won the parliamentary elections in April, defeating right-wing Prime Minister Janez Jansa and his Slovenian Democratic Party. He has since formed an alliance with the Social Democrats (SD) and the Left, an eco-socialist party.

A 55-year-old engineer and former business executive, Golob only recently entered politics. 

He told MPs on Wednesday the rest of his new cabinet was made up of experienced politicians and experts.

“I’m pleased we have such a good team and I look forward to the weeks, months, years and terms in office ahead,” he said, “as I know this team will deliver good results.”

The departure of Slovenia’s former prime minister, Janez Janša, was quietly welcomed by the EU. Janša stood accused by Brussels of curbing both democratic and media freedoms in the country, a charge he denied.

Golob has also promised that his government will promote social equality, green energy transformation and reform. “I think you can already feel,” he said, “that in the last few weeks, the mood is more relaxed, that tensions have eased.”

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