Kherson: remains of six people discovered in mass grave

Residents of Kherson have discovered a mass grave in a garden of a destroyed house in the war-torn region. 

Six bodies were found, two without heads and three had their hands tied, the bodies also showed signs of torture. The discovery mirrors similar scenes around the country following the withdrawal of Russian troops.

Kherson was liberated at the beginning of November in a sweeping Ukrainian counteroffensive.

It remains the only regional capital the Russians occupied since the start of Moscow’s full-scale invasion.

A number of mass graves were discovered in the region, containing the remains of more than 400 civilians.

 Ukrainian prosecutors have begun investigating this particular site.

Mass executions amount to war crimes and the European Union has demanded the creation of a special tribunal to investigate Russian atrocities committed on Ukrainian soil.

Aleksander Petrov told Euronews correspondent Anelise Borges that it could have been him in that grave.

The 35-year-old was taken by Russian troops twice – accused of providing information that eventually helped Ukraine recapture this land. He was kept for 8 days, interrogated, beaten, and worse.

“Once, they lifted the bags from our heads just a bit and said ‘this is what will happen to every Ukrainian’. Then they took out three of our guys who they proved were part of ATO (Ukrainian anti-terrorist operation) and shot them,” he said.

For the full report watch the video above.

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