Joe Biden hosts Emmanuel Macron with state dinner at the White House

In the first state dinner at the White House since taking office, US President Joe Biden hosted his French counterpart Emmanuel Macro. In a joint press-conference, Biden highlighted the US’s historic alliance with France and emphasized the democratic values and respect for human rights that unite the two nations, in contrast to the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The US President said “today we reaffirm that, as I said, we’re going to stand together against this brutality.”

Biden went on to reaffirm that the US will continue its strong support for the Ukrainian people “as they defend their homes, and their families, and their nurseries, their hospitals, their sovereignty, their integrity against Russian aggression.”

President Emmanuel Macron spoke about a possible looming trade war threat between Washington and Brussels. The French leader said it is necessary to resynchronize agendas to prevent the tax incentives applied in the United States from harming France and Europe.

The French leader said that “the domino effect that US fiscal aid can have on projects that are being developed in Europe can be solved. We want to succeed together, not against each other.”

The White House might have wanted to clear the air with Paris after Australia broke a multi million dollar submarine deal with France in favour of nuclear alternatives from the US last year. 

Biden hopes Macron, who he called a friend during a joint press conference, has turned the page on the incident.

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