Goodbye to the Queen: Buckingham Palace mourners pay tribute

The sound of cannon fire echoes across London. Ninety-six shots: one round for each year of Queen Elizabeth’s life.

Buckingham Palace became the grief and mourning of an entire nation. Thousands gathered as if to fully believed she was really gone.

“She’s been like an amazing figure in history. She didn’t choose to do this job but she’s on the way to the very end,” said Terry at Buckingham Palace.

“You knew it was coming,” said Ellie. “Obviously she was quite elderly and had been unwell for a little while, but you just didn’t want it to happen […] And so this a real loss of somebody who [was] such a global figurehead, and a wonderful presence for us all. But I think it’s about sadness but also celebration and reflection on everything that she did do and why she was so well regarded globally.”

To many, Elizabeth II personified what it was to be British. A model, a steady symbol in an ever-changing world. She was a monarch who lived for the job and who brought dignity and decency to it.

Britain has concluded a momentous chapter in its country’s history. Leaving thousands with an unprecedented disorienting sense of loss.

It will take some time to process.

Watch Anelise Borges’ report from Buckingham Palace in the video player above.

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