Cannon salutes ring out across the UK to honour Queen Elizabeth II

Across the UK, cannon salutes of 96 rounds rang out simultaneously to mark every year Queen Elizabeth II was alive.

The salutes are just one act in a long line of events in the coming days meant to honour the former monarch’s life.

In the British House of Commons, lawmakers observed a minute’s silence on a day dedicated to the Queen.

And the UK’s new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, again praised her reign.

“Her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, was one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known,” she said.

“She was the rock on which modern Britain was built… She was the nation’s greatest diplomat, her visits to post-apartheid South Africa and to the Republic of Ireland, showed a unique ability to transcend difference and heal division… Her legacy will endure through the countless people she met, the global history she witnessed, and the lives that she touched.”

Other former British prime ministers also praised the Queen. Boris Johnson, who recently stepped down from office, said that the Queen was “the cornerstone in the vast arc of the British state”.

And his predecessor, Theresa May, said she was “the most remarkable person she has ever met…. I doubt we will ever see her like her again.”

Queen Elizabeth II was the nation’s longest reigning monarch, ruling through the terms of 15 different UK prime ministers.

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