Customer Exposes ‘Crazy’ Fees on DoorDash Order

Exorbitant fees aren’t uncommon when it comes to using food delivery services — tax, tip, and delivery fees are added so quickly it’s hard to realize how much money you might actually be spending when you hit “order.”

TikTok via @K_Waltz

TikTok via @K_Waltz

One TikToker learned that lesson the hard way after realizing he paid nearly $23 for one singular milk tea, which, upon reviewing his receipt, had six fees tacked on to it.

TikTok user @K_Waltz showed a receipt of a milk tea that he ordered via DoorDash that’s since been viewed over 965,300 times.

The tea was originally priced at $6.50 but had fees tacked on — ranging from an additional $0.46 in tax to a $0.98 service fee to a $2.50 small order fee. The most expensive additional charge was a $7.99 delivery fee.

“This is crazy right,” he said to the camera. “What is the need for a small order fee? The whole purpose of the order was a … small order. I’m done.”

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People in the comments were up in arms, with some sharing their own delivery fee horror stories.

“Chicago had a 1.50 fee called the Chicago fee for a while,” one user claimed.

“The pizzeria near my house has a supporting a small business fee,” another said alongside crying emojis.

Users were also quick to point out that the fees, not including the tax, totaled nearly $16. That’s almost 2.5 times more than the original price of the beverage.

“Might as well make my own drink if I have to pay that much,” one commenter said.

Inflation-related fees have been popping up in restaurants across the U.S., including one diner in Florida and one in Virginia that added fees between 3.5% and 8% to customers’ checks.

DoorDash itself made waves earlier this year when a new report said the delivery service would start increasing fees on McDonald’s locations that are slow and frequently mess up orders, increasing commission fees from the specific restaurants to upwards of 20%.

DoorDash was down over 70% in a one-year period as of Tuesday morning.

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