Young adults with degrees say they need more real-world training

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Individuals with degrees often find their education failed to prepare them for the realities of the workforce, according to Nov. 15 survey results from Multiverse.

A majority of young adults (those age 18-26) with degrees said real-world workforce training is the most important element to preparing for a career. But that factor is missing from many higher education programs, they said.

The top three elements that a college education lacks are “having a clear idea of what a job is like,” “real workforce training” and “quality time with industry professionals,” that group said.

Similarly, nearly half of those with a degree said higher education disregards at least some key skills needed for success in the workforce.

Employers have in recent years considered a shift in job requirements, with many jettisoning degree requirements in favor of skills-based hiring. President Joe Biden in a State of the Union address called on business to do just that, and some say such a reordering of priorities could expand talent pools and improve diversity.

A focus on skills could drive more reliance on internships, apprenticeships, boot camps and the like. But some employers have been slow to buy in completely; in an April survey from Morning Consult, businesses said they view degrees as a less risky option — even while acknowledging they can be a poor indicator of an applicant’s skills.

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